U.S. crude oil off the target list

U.S. crude oil off the target list

It is worth noting that the US tariff exemption period on imports of steel and aluminum from Canada and Mexico will end on June, while the North American Free Trade Agreement negotiations are still uncertain. The Bank of Canada'sU.S. crude oil off the target list interest rate decision will be announced at 0 o'clock tonight.

CIBC issued a customer report on Thursday, July 5th, the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, stating that the minutes of the Fed’s June meeting had no bright spots, and everything was as expected. Well-known fund managers: The outlook for the dollar is bleak and the negative sentiment is exhausted. Now is a good opportunity to buy gold! A European fund manager said that with investor sentiment bottoming out, gold seems to be an attractive time to buy. In a recent interview with Kitco News, the asset management company Incrementum

In addition to the US or re-imposing sanctions on Iran, the record-setting oil demand in Asia and the joint production reduction plan of OPEC and some non-OPEC oil-producing countries have tightened the international oil market, which is also the reason for the high oil prices.

The Ministry of Commerce announced on Thursday that it has initially ruled that there is dumping of imported halogenated butyl rubber originating in the United States, and that the domestic halogenated butyl rubber industry has suffered substantial damage, and has decided to implement a deposit form for imported halogenated butyl rubber products originating in the United States. Provisional anti-dumping measures.

Just like yesterday’s Asian market, crude oil prices continue to trend upwards slightly after the opening of the market today. However, after entering the European market, the market may return to decline again. The key is to look at the changes in the trend in the U.S. market in the evening. Under the premise that the effect of late API is not obvious, EIA may become a more critical data tonight. If EIA can benefit crude oil, it may become a short-term oil price upward momentum, helping oil prices return to above 66 US dollars or even higher, but On the contrary, if the EIA is negative again, the price of crude oil falling below $65 may be repeated.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu claimed that Iran has lied about its nuclear intentions. Israel has the secret documents of Iran’s nuclear program and will publish Iran’s secret nuclear documents. It pointed out that Israel has shared this secret document with the United States, and the United States has also confirmed the authenticity of this series of documents. The emergence of this situation has made the market worried that the United States may restart sanctions on Iran, which will seriously affect the supply of crude oil in the Middle East. Iran is an important member of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and has a key influence on the supply of crude oil in the MiddlU.S. crude oil off the target liste East.