Crude Oil Trend Twitter

Crude Oil Trend Twitter

TakCrude Oil Trend Twittere the United States as an example. According to the article "After rejecting 40 million barrels of oil, the United States has nowhere to go for 20 million barrels of oil!" It is mentioned that there are currently about 0 giant tankers floating off the coast of California. .

As of the close of the month on the 25th, WTI oil prices reported $569/barrel, down 0.72% in a week, giving up last week’s gains. It is expected that the price adjustment of refined oil products will be reduced on the 28th. Brent oil price was reported at $664/barrel, down 77% in a week.

Data from Baker Hughes of Baker Hughes shows that the number of oil rigs operating in African waters has risen to the highest level in two years. Energy Consulting Company Rystad

Other major oil-producing countries may fill this gap. For example, Saudi Arabia has the ability to rapidly increase production. Soon after Trump announced the sanctions, Saudi official media quoted an anonymous senior official in the energy sector as saying that the Saudi government will try to reduce the impact of the shortage of supply on the oil market.

At 22:00 Beijing time, the United States will announce the EIA inventory report. It is expected that EIA crude oil inventories will be reduced by 900,000 barrels and gasoline and refined oil inventories will decrease by 0 million barrels and 50,000 barrels respectively in the week of April.

The mystery of OPEC's production increase or decrease has not yet been revealed. From the current situation, OPEC is inclined to increase production. If this expectation is realized, crude oil prices will usher in a long-term decline. The low record of $659 below will be refreshed, and the $60 mark will also be refreshed. Will face the riskCrude Oil Trend Twitter of breaking position. On the contrary, if OPEC extends its production cuts, crude oil prices may rise in the short-term to the $70 mark.

Trump's frequent comments on Twitter made him the main driver of the oil market. His withdrawal from the Iran nuclear agreement made the market worry about the supply of crude oil or a reduction. In particular, the U.S. government stated that it would impose the toughest actions on Iran in history. When sanctions were imposed, there was a surge in oil prices. At the same time, the U.S. move has also won the support of Saudi Arabia, because the country has been antagonistic to Iran.

Solution skills: Understand that there is always a sliding inertia after the train starts. When the trend takes the first step, we follow it at one and a half steps until the balance is broken and the trend is established. Single strategy, when the signs of false breakthroughs appear, the odds of winning in the opposite direction are great.