New Mexico crude oil analysis

New Mexico crude oil analysis

Abstract: It can be seen from the results of the OPEC meeting last month that the global cruNew Mexico crude oil analysisde oil supply is becoming tight. Coupled with the unstable situation in the Middle East, crude oil exports from countries such as Venezuela and Iran are blocked, and oil prices will most likely show an upward trend in the second half of this year.

In order to reduce air pollution, the new shipping regulations of the International Maritime Organization require that the sulfur content of any fuel oil used on ships should not exceed 0.5% from March 2020, while the current upper limit implemented in most areas is 5%. The new regulations are expected to cause an oversupply of high-sulfur fuel oil, while increasing the demand for compliant products, forcing the refining industry to carry out production reforms to produce more low-sulfur products.

Changes in the level of manufacturing activities and freight transport will have a direct impact on the consumption and availability of transportation fuels, and changes in fuel prices will also have a significant impact on commercial input cost premiums and inflation. Compared with other parts of the oil market, refined oil consumption is more closely related to business activities and the macroeconomic cycle. In the next two years, three major global development trends determine the direction of oil prices and the persistence of current economic expansion, and refined oil is at the core.

The company also pointed out that oil production outside of OPEC member countries can guarantee that the global oil supply will be sufficient 200 years ago, but oil production in the United States is expected to peak in the mid-to-late 2020s, leading to a decline in oil production in non-OPEC producing countries. After 200 years, its output also declined.

On the eve of the OPEC Vienna meeting, will the US EIA inventory report exacerbate oil price shorts or save longs? It is the focus of investors' attention. If the data is negative, crude oil prices may plummet to a record low of $659. On the contrary, if the data is bullish, crude oil prices are expected to stop falling and rebound above US$67 in the short term.

But analysts believe New Mexico crude oil analysisthat an upcoming regulatory measure, as the biggest change in the history of the oil market and the most disruptive change in the refining industry, will push oil prices higher because it will fundamentally change the demand pattern for fuel.

According to CNBC reports, Michael is raging east of the Gulf Refinery Center in Louisiana and Texas, saving local oil and gas facilities from disaster. Hurricane Harvey caused a mess in the area last year. At the same time, Michael's current path remains relatively stable, and local fuel distributors are already planning sales after the hurricane.

Dyomin said that Transneft and oil company stocks are not used for long-term hoarding. It is only part of the system. Sufficient inventory can ensure the smoothness of the docking process of petroleum products from producers to consumers. Russia's total idle capacity has reached 10 million tons, equivalent to 200,000 barrels per day.

CNN’s original report shows that Trump’s preparation to announce sanctions on Iran is the most solid step in fulfilling his campaign promises. It is expected that a transitional period will be set aside, which can be regarded as leaving room for renegotiation. However, the object of the re-talk is European allies with the United States. Trump is dissatisfied with Iran's ballistic missile program and support for terrorist organizations in the Middle East.